Strong For Too Long

Managing Depression & Anxiety

Does my hoarding cause anxiety?
Has my semi-compulsive hoarding been the cause of anxiety? My anxiety can be split into several distinct types. There is the social anxiety that gives me difficulty talking or being around even the people closest to me. On top of this there is an anxiety which stems from my... Read more
Anatomy of a Panic Attack – My Experience
The first time I didn’t know what was happening – For some strange reason I honestly believed that in that moment I was dying. Read more
Clutter – Unhoarding my mind.
Clutter Causes Anxiety At least for me it did. For two years I had an underlying problem with my garage – a mess like no other. I have always been a bit of a hoarder  but moving from large houses to what is in effect a small cabin has... Read more
The best bed-time drink for soothing anxiety.
We all have our favourite bed-time tipple, but do some of them keep you up all night with worry? Here is my top list of sleep inducing night time drinks, and the ones to avoid. Read more
Post Christmas Blues – Dealing with depression after the holidays.
Over-indulged, over-tired, lethargic and glad its finally all over? These feelings are quite common in the days after the Christmas celebrations. But what about your mind? Read more