Strong For Too Long

Managing Depression & Anxiety

Self Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder
What home treatment options are there for Seasonal Affective Disorder? Below are a few of the options we have either researched or tested personally for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whether its lamps or learning, CBT or Vitamin D – there are a variety of resources you can use yourself.... Read more
Life After Suicide – BBC Documentary
Angela Samata did a great job at highlighting the importance of talking openly about our mental health with those we love. Read more
Talking To Your Doctor About Depression
Knowing when you could benefit from the help of others is only one part of the battle, it also helps to know how to ask. Read more
Depression & The Perception of Time
We all perceive time a little differently, for some a day of work lasts seemingly forever whilst for others it can appear to pass in a fleeting moment. Read more
In other words – my favorite quotations.
As I have been a little lost for words over the last few evenings I have decided to borrow some. As a child I collected quotations and loved how much thought could be provoked by such small phrases. Often sentences can turn my entire mood around, change my outlook... Read more
Angry with Being Bipolar
Channel 4 has annoyed me with it’s latest docu-entertainment offering “Being Bipolar” as it has many other sufferers of depression, medical professionals, psychiatrists and doctors. Read more
Dealing with Grief & Guilt
I have been quite fortunate so far in that I haven’t had to experience the deaths of many family members or friends. Read more
Fighting the Depression Stigma
The social depression stigma causes isolation, fear and a reluctance for some to seek appropriate treatment. But exactly what is it and how can it be stopped? Read more
A day in the life of depression.
My mind does back-flips, forward rolls and star jumps of emotions each and every day and trying to focus long enough to write them down isn’t easy. Read more
Twitter accounts we love to follow – Week 1
We have seen some great depression related twitter accounts over the past few days and wanted to share a couple with you. Read more