Strong For Too Long

Managing Depression & Anxiety

Feel Good Songs – The Cheer Up Playlist
Here is our list of favorite feel good songs inspired by @_bluelightblue_ on twitter (you can see that playlist here). We always add more regularly to our spotify playlists so check back often for even more mood lifting inspiration. We deliberately haven’t added an order here – they are... Read more
Talking To Your Doctor About Depression
Knowing when you could benefit from the help of others is only one part of the battle, it also helps to know how to ask. Read more
Inspirational Quotes – Our Favourite Pins
Do you use Pinterest? We do. Here are some of our favourite inspirational quotes. Read more
My 2015 Resolutions – What & Why
Our head writer Sam tells his new years resolution and how he hopes they will help with his depression. Read more
Mental Gym – Exercise for a depressed mind.
These workouts are specifically for the mind, and help to relieve some of the feelings of anxiety and depression from your everyday life. Read more
Different Types of Anti-Depressants
Getting to grips with the myriad of anti-depressants on offer can be confusing. In this article we discuss the various types of anti-depressant and treatments available. Read more
Pre-Bed Routine for a Good Nights Sleep
Creating a pre-bed time routine is critical, it can help to relax you and enable you to stop your mind racing before sleep. Read more