Strong For Too Long

Managing Depression & Anxiety

Soylent Diaries – Day 7
Today was the first day I was seriously considering cheating. Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 6
My anxiety has been horrendous today, and its led me to sleep in this morning and miss my soylent breakfast. Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 5
I didn’t feel great after yesterday, not only was there the temptation of great food coupled with the anxiety inducing misery of not really wanting to eat it – but I also felt guilty. Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 4
A family BBQ has given me a difficult choice to make – and so its time to employ some reasoning and decide which direction to take this little experiment. Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 3
I have never been so conflicted. Part of me already sees the enormous benefits of this experiment and part of me wishes I had never started. This morning was a struggle as I had to fight myself to get out of bed and drive – I relapsed a little... Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 2
You name it and chances are today I have craved it. Everything from Egg Fried Rice to McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers has been racing through my head since the moment I first woke up. It’s only day 2 and already I feel likes its been months since I have eaten. Read more
Soylent Diaries – Day 1
The prospect of having two glasses for breakfast, and then another 4 glasses during the day was already looming over me like an exam I hadn’t revised for – I was dreading it. Read more
The Soylent Diaries – Introduction
Telling people you are about to give up food completely can get you some strange looks. It doesn’t help that almost everyone has a pseudo-scientific opinion to share on why it’s so bad for you to do it. Read more