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Self Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder Self Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder
What home treatment options are there for Seasonal Affective Disorder? Below are a few of the options we have either researched or tested personally... Self Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder

What home treatment options are there for Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Below are a few of the options we have either researched or tested personally for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whether its lamps or learning, CBT or Vitamin D – there are a variety of resources you can use yourself. The resources below can help cope with effects of reduced daylight hours. Read below for some more information, and click the images to visit the product pages directly.

Learning About S.A.D

You can read our introduction post to Seasonal Affective Disorder here – The Winter Blues – What is it? (opens in new window)

Winter Blues – Everything you need to know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

winterbluesrosenthal Now in its fourth edition, this book is a superb read for those who have been diagnosed with S.A.D. It covers a broad range of treatment options to help you beat the Winter Blues. The book provides a treasure trove of treatment options, an in-depth guide to S.A.D and its causes, information on light therapy, psychotherapy and more.

If you are looking for a complete guide then Winter Blues is the book to read. It’s also available in Kindle format for those who prefer to own their books digitally.

Getting The Full Spectrum

Believed to be one of the most important factors in S.A.D is the light our bodies are subject to throughout the day. When winter comes around the amount of quality daylight we get significantly reduces. It’s cold outside so we spend less time out in the sun, we also cover up more reducing our skins ability to absorb those precious sun rays. The days are also shorter with daylight reducing by a few hours in the winter months compared to the height of summer. Luckily there are a few solutions to help increase the amount of daylight we absorb.

Lumie Arabica Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD Lamp

71s8dc66jl-_sl1300_SAD Lamps are possibly the best way to increase your daylight consumption – despite the brightness they are very comfortable to be in front of and offer a full spectrum of light using specialist bulbs. Just twenty minutes a day in front of these lights can help alleviate some of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Having one as your desk lamp is even better, enabling you to top up your sunshine even when you are stuck in front of the computer. Prices vary from the lamp pictured at an average of £103 to less expensive options around the £30-£50 mark.

Lumie are great, choosing to not just create lights with bright bulbs but to also medically verify and scientifically design their products. A lot of the cheaper lamps to not use full spectrum bulbs.

Luminette – Futuristic Looking SAD Treatment

Users wearing a luminette deviceI wouldn’t ever consider Seasonal Affective Disorder to be ‘trendy’ but could this futuristic treatment option make you look trendier? Probably not. What they do offer is a USB rechargeable light equivalent to a 10,000 lux bulb. With the cordless freedom to wear them around the house these make an ideal option for anyone not looking to be restricted to their desk or bedside to get a daylight top-up. They are not cheap – with a price tag of around £159 but for the flexibility and portability they provide it’s a steal. Now you can take your treatment with you on holiday, to work or wherever you go.

Vitamin D Spray

61ng3qfehyl-_sl1500_This spray is part of my daily depression treatment regimen and is invaluable. Give yourself a boost of Vitamin D3 with a handy spray that fits in your pocket or purse. Each spray delivers a metered dose and after a week or two I really began to notice the benefits. I take it in the morning. If taking it in the evening I found it can affect your sleep. Buying online and getting multiple sprays is the way to go as pharmacies often charge a premium for these supplements. Amazon offer multiple pack sizes at a great price.




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